Utility Services

Key Areas

Reverse Osmosis Plants, Ultrafiltration Plants, Solar Powered RO/UF Plants and Desalination Plants


Customer Care No: 1800-833-2266
  • The Utility Services SBU offers water purification related solutions for Industrial and Commercial segments. It has the expertise, resources & experience to manufacture high quality RO based water purification plants with capacities of 200 litres per hour to 10,000 litres per hour. The company has the technology expertise to treat contaminated water laden with bacteria, viruses, total dissolved solids and other impurities like lead & arsenic, while ensuring utmost purity & availability of safe drinking water.

    The SBU has also deployed Mobile and Solar powered units to address remote areas across the country. The overall initiative undertaken by the company has resulted in supply of over 800 purification units across the India & abroad.

    Product Portfolio:

    The company has the capability to design & Install high Capacity Water Purification units of 200 liters per hour to 10, 000 liters per hour as per technology available:

    • Reverse Osmosis System :
      The plant is designed to treat ground water and is available in the following variants of Solar, Grid and DIG Set integrated systems
    • Ultrafiltration System :
      The plant filter surface water and is available in variants of Solar, Grid and Gravity integrated systems
    • Desalination System :
      The plant as Grid system operates specifically to filter sea water high in contaminants.


    • In-house manufacturing capability and water testing laboratories for raw and product water analysis
    • Experienced in Solar & Non- Solar RO/UF water purification units
    • Skilled & technical staff available for installation & after sales services
    • Providing ATW facility with GPRS enabled system to monitor performance of the units at regular intervals.