We have a strong history wherein we have delivered complex projects right on time without negotiating on quality.
This has been achievable only because of our determined set of leaders.

Mr Banmali Agrawala

Mr. Banmali Agrawala


Mr. Vinayak Deshpande

Mr. Vinayak K Deshpande

Managing Director

sanjay bhandarkar

Mr Vinayak Pai

Executive Director & MD Designate

sanjay bhandarkar

Mr. Sanjay Bhandarkar

Independent Director

Mrs Neera Saggi

Mrs. Neera Saggi

Independent Director

Mr. Ramesh N. Subramanyam

Mr. Ramesh N Subramanyam

Non Executive, Non Independent Director

Mr. Sanjay K Banga

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Banga

Non-Executive, Non-Independent Director

Mr. Ritesh Mandot

Mr. Ritesh Mandot

Nominee Director.