TQ Services

    TQ Services is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB) in India. It is an independent Certification, Inspection and Accreditation Body of Tata Projects, Quality Services SBU. While the Quality Services SBU offers management consulting and system integrated checks, TQ Services has specifically limited its role to certification & accreditation only. The company offers a host of monitored process services in Management System certifications, Inspection services, Accreditations, Audit and Training services to clients in commercial & industrial related sectors.

    TQ Services believes in delivering high quality services backed by well qualified auditors & surveyors trained in business excellence and experienced in diverse industry and service domains. The company is well networked and affiliated with internationally recognized entities, governments, trade associations and professional bodies across India and abroad.

    Area of Expertise

    1. Management System Certifications

    TQ service offers independent certifications for Quality (ISO 90001), Health & Safety (OSHAS 18001) and Environment (ISO 14001) to multiple clients. Implementing of a Quality Management System through the company, ensures organizations to improve their business process for future ventures, while meeting customer requirement and enhancing customer satisfaction. To know more details on Management System certifications

    2. Inspection body

    The company provides independent inspection related services and, is accredited by NABCB & ISO 17020 certifying bodies. The spectrum for providing the certifications to organisations extends to different sectors (mechanical, electrical, civil and safety) and involves utilising procedures, technical specifications, and competent surveyors for conducting specific inspections as per the international standards/ good practices. To know more details on Inspection certification

    3. Warehouse Accreditation

    Warehousing & Cold storage accreditation: Under the Warehousing Development and Regulation Act (WDRA) 2007, only warehouseís registered under the act are allowed the issuance of negotiable receipt (NWR) system. The accreditation of warehouses helps farmers in producing horticulture crops for availing the benefit in terms of loans against deposit of their produce in the registered warehouses (cold storages). It assures viability to banks when facilitating institutional credit to communities in rural areas of the country. To know more details on Warehousing & Cold accreditation

    4. Allied Offerings

    • Verification, Sampling & Testing: Undertaken for Horticulture produce such as food grains, pulses etc, for organizations like hotels/catering establishments in the agriculture and food sector.
    • Quantity Verification: Involves stock verification for registered warehouses.

    5. Product Specific Certifications

    Ready Mix Concrete (RMC): TQ service provides independent third party voluntary certification system in the form of RMC Capability Certificationís and RMC 9000+ Capability Certificationís for assuring quality in operations and processes of RMC Plants. To know more details on RMC accreditation

    6. Customized Auditing services

    The company undertakes customized audits of various organizations to verify compliance to the planned arrangements, such as- statutory, customer and project specific requirements. They are as follows:

    • Supplier Audits
    • Internal Audits
    • Sustainability Audits
    • Environmental Audits
    • Electrical Safety Audits
    • General safety Audits - for industries such as construction, Oil & Gas etc.
    • Energy validation& Verification
    • ESCO Services
    • Emergency Response disaster management program Audits (ERDMP), Integrity Management System Audits (IMS) and T4S audits as per PNGRB Regulations.
    • Safety Audits as per OISD norms in Oil & Gas Industries


    7. Training Services

    TQ services is a leading training service provider in India , providing a suite of training courses, which are affiliated by international agencies like IRCA, and delivered by experienced trainers. These courses are developed in order to implement proper management systems and improve performance of organizations. They are as follows:

      Management System Courses

    • QMS General Awareness
    • QMS Internal Auditor
    • QMS Lead Auditor (IRCA certified)
    • EMS Awareness
    • EMS Implementation
    • EMS Internal Auditor
    • Awareness Training Programme on OHSAS 18001 : 2007
    • Internal Auditor Training Programme on OHSAS 18001 : 2007
    • IMS Awareness
    • IMS Internal Auditor
    • QMS & BE General Awareness
    • TS Awareness
    • TS Internal Auditor
    • Technique Courses

    • Core Tools Training

    • Safety Courses

    • Awareness Training Programme on Safety in Electrical Works
    • Awareness Training Programme on Safety in Engineering Industries
    • Awareness Training Programme on Safety in Working at heights

    • Training on Operation and Quality Management of Warehouses

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    For any clarifications/queries, please contact our operating Head office/Centres or write to us at tqservices@tataprojects.com