• Management System Certification Services

    TQ Services (A Division of Quality Services SBU) is an independent Certification Body. It provides certification services in Quality Management System and Environmental management system and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS) (Including Integrated Systems).

    TQ Services offers unbiased, efficient, cost effective and reliable services through well qualified auditors, trained in business excellence and experienced in diverse industry/ service sectors.

    The company is supported by a wide network of offices and auditors in India and abroad.


    Organizations aiming to gain competitive edge through quality must adopt Quality Management System as part of their strategy to improve business. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized Quality Management System standard, which promotes customer satisfaction through continual improvement of your system's effectiveness.

    Benefits of Quality Management System (ISO 9001)

    • Consistent product or service quality.
    • Continual improvement leading to lower costs..
    • Customer satisfaction.
    • Competitive edge in domestic and overseas operation.
    • Operational efficiency improvement.
    • A good foundation for a system driven organization.
    • Build and maintain systems to assess risks to an organization and ensure mitigation for growth &value creation .

    ISO 14001 Certification (EMS)

    Environment Management System helps an organization to identify, control and monitor environmental aspects and impacts, thereby improving the image of the company among the stake holders and cost reduction through conservation of resources&energy. An organization certified to ISO 14001 goes beyond mere compliance to legal requirements. It focuses on continual improvements.

    Benefits of Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)

    • Sustainable development.
    • Waste reduction and resource conservation.
    • Energy savings.
    • Improved image of the company in eyes of all stake holders.
    • Ensures compliance to Pollution Control Board norms.
    • Protection of environment through control of air, water and land contamination.

    OHSMS 18001 (OHSMS)

    Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems facilitates organizations to identify the hazards and associated risks in the operations and its activities. It helps in reducing the risks by designing the appropriate operational control and proactively protects the health & safety of your work force.

    Benefits of Occupational Health and Safety

    • Management Systems.
    • Identification of Hazards.
    • Assess the risks in operations and activities.
    • Prevention of accidents.
    • Employee Confidence.
    • Improve Productivity.
    • Legal compliance with minimal administrative effort.

    Management Commitment

    The senior management at TQ services understands the need and importance of Impartiality and is totally committed for ensuring the impartiality in carrying out itscertification activities, manages any conflicts of interest and ensures objectivity in all its Management System Certification activities.

    Why choose TQ Services?

    • Leadership through business excellence
    • Core values and integrity
    • Fast response
    • Cost effective service
    • Pan India presence
    • Core competence in diverse industry/ service sectors
    • Value added process auditing
    • Continual professional development of auditors
    • Open house training to clients by competent personnel
    • TQ Services certificate would give distinct marketing advantage to clients

    TQ Services Accreditation

    TQ Services is accredited for ISO 9001 by National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB) of Quality Council of India. TQ Services issues certificates with NABCB accreditation.

    Sample Certificate

    Our Certification Process


    A directory of certified organizations indicating scope, location, certification status and other details are maintained by TQ Services and it will be made available for any interested party upon request

    How to start the process for registration

    Companies aiming to obtain Quality Management System and/or Environmental management system certification may follow the following steps:

    • Download the application form (CBF-02)
    • Forward the completed form to tplqs@tataprojects.com
    • TQ Services will submit quotation
    • Client to release the order on TQ Service
    • TQ Services will issue order acceptance
    • Client to inform their readiness for certification audit
    • TQ Services will initiate the certification process