• WDRA / Cold Storage Accreditation

    TQ Services (A Division of Quality Services SBU) provides Warehouse/Cold storage accreditations as per the Warehousing (Development & Regulation) Act, 2007.

    Under its preview, the company is involved in issuing a registration certificate to those who shall commence or are undertaking the business of warehousing,whereinnegotiable warehouse receipts would be issued by the client after fulfilling the prescribed norms in respect of the concerned warehouse or warehouses granted by the Authority under this Act.

    Salient Features of the Warehousing (Development & Regulation) Act, 2007:

    • Regulation of warehousing activities.
    • Negotiability of Warehouse Receipt.
    • Uniform format for Negotiable Warehouse Receipts.
    • Constitution of Warehousing Development & Regulatory Authority.
    • Constitution of Warehousing Advisory Committee.
    • Powers of the Central Government.
    • Legal provisions for offences, penalties and appeals.

    Requirement for Registration of Warehouses:

    • The warehouse should be constructed as per specifications of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)/FCI/NABARD/CWC.
    • The warehouse should be storage-worthy with fool proof security agreements and insurance of warehouse and commodities, as well.
    • The warehouse should have adequate trained staff with expertise and knowledge for the scientific storage of goods.
    • The warehouse should have requisite equipment for weighing, handling, and sampling, grading, firefighting and insect / pest management.
    • The warehouse should have positive net worth certified by a Chartered Accountant or creditworthiness certificate from a scheduled bank for individual warehouse or for its organization.

    Benefits of WDRA Warehouse / Cold Storage Accreditation

    • Increased liquidity in rural areas.
    • Encouragement of scientific warehousing of goods.
    • Lower cost of financing.
    • Shorter and more efficient supply chains.
    • Enhanced rewards for grading and quality.
    • Advantages of Negotiable Warehouse Receipts.

    Why choose TQ Services?

    • Leadership through business excellence
    • Core values and integrity
    • Fast response
    • Cost effective service
    • Pan India presence
    • Core competence in diverse industry/service sectors
    • Value added process auditing
    • Continual professional development of auditors
    • Open house training to clients by competent personnel
    • TQ Service certificate would give distinct marketing advantage to clients

    Our AccreditationProcess:

    Fee and Expenses:

    How to start the process for registration

    Warehouse and Cold storage companies aiming to obtain accreditation may follow the following steps:

    • Download the application form
    • Forward the completed form to tplqs@tataprojects.com
    • TQ Services will initiate the accreditation process by informing to the applicant about date and time of audit at their premises.